We solve visual problems by combining strategy with design. This unique fusion allows us to create evocative, brand-centric works that help our clients achieve mission-critical goals and resonating with their key audience. From logo design and other branding elements necessary to create a cohesive identity to packaging, website, and print design, we help you stand out for all the right reasons.


Strategy Led Design for Fast Moving Companies.

Great design work is more than
just “making it pretty”.
It’s creating something that ties into the core elements of your brand and bolsters your ability to achieve critical goals and milestones, whether that’s establishing your business as an industry leader, connecting with customers, or something else completely. At Yokaja, our design work is informed by and infused with your strategy. The result? The most effective brand collateral possible.



At its heart, design is about efficiently solving a problem while making a product aesthetically pleasing. The problem is that, too often, design does not connect with strategy, which renders it pointless. It’s a case of shiny object syndrome – you’re chasing something that looks great, but ultimately offers no value. Ultimately, it means you’re going nowhere, fast. At Yokaja, we’re deeply aware of the critical connection between design and strategy, which enables us to develop brand assets that not only evoke the necessary aesthetics but also help you achieve critical goals


Development is often a case of endless iterations, with little in the way of strategy or creativity. We take a different path, focusing on fusing strategy and design, and using the result to inform development. Creative and brand assets must serve multiple purposes – from building trust and establishing authority to engaging viewers through shape, form, and color. For us, design, development, and strategy are three sides of the same thing. They all interweave with one another, and success hinges on unique synergies between them.


Strategy is “big picture” thinking – where do you want to go? How will you get there? It’s largely a cognitive activity that combines synthesis (the ability to connect dots) with analysis (the ability to find the dots in the first place). However, strategy is ultimately just the map you follow to success, it is not the vehicle that will take you there. It’s a set of instructions, if this then that statements, that inform actions. Without design and development, your strategy is incomplete. At Yokaja, we fuse design and strategy to create powerful brand assets that help you achieve more.